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{Thursday, May 23}

Well this blog has now moved to roslynne not r0slynne, ok!
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{Thursday, May 9}

Well am feeling a bit more positive today.

Still trying to organise my life tho'. Does it ever end! Have not found new flatmates yet. Well did have people saying that they wanted to move in but lost their phone number. Isn't that always the way. Most likely for the best as I think they may have been trying to live with, but hey I need my bond.

Rang my folks at lunch time today. My Great Aunty Kitty has not been answering her phone so needed to get an alternative number. Kinda wish that I didn't get one as am spending the weekend with Fintan. He has taken the weekend off work so will feel a bit guilty asking him to hang at the relatives place. I mean it is not as if I even know them. But these things must be done.

It is not even as if I have loads of family. Found out that my cousin is still in London (hasn't called me - bastard but I don't like him anyway). My other cousin (the nicer one) is in Vietnam for 3 months. Fintan like any Irish boy has so many cousins he picked up one of them hitchhiking and didn't realise until he mentioned that he was going to his Gran's and they realised it was the same one.

Well work is going very slowly today but I only have one day to go. Kinda wish I had decided to go to the Trinity Ball now.
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{Wednesday, May 8}

Have just thought about my financial situation.

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{Tuesday, May 7}

Well didn't end up going to Northern Ireland during the weekend.

Mikael left for America and went out for his going away. Was a big night. Spent the next day in bed recovering. Then went round to Fintans place for a while. Took some photo's of touristy things around Dublin on Sunday with Andy until we made the fateful decision to drop in for a pint. This was at 4pm. Many, many hours later dragged myself home.

Another day to recover and had to clean the flat as people coming over to have a look. It is never good to clean when hungover.
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{Thursday, May 2}

Wow, one of my friends has had a baby!

We have been friends since primary school so it is kinda weird thinking of her as a mum now. She has named the little one Grace Ann. I will see her before I see my own niece as Jane and Ashley are moving to London in July for a little while.

My sister is having another baby soon too.
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{Wednesday, May 1}

Well another day.

Mikael is leaving on Saturday to go to Boston. His possessions are littering the appartment as he packs it all. It reminds me that I will be doing that soon.

I kinda don't want to go!
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{Monday, April 29}

Well Anzac Day was a bit of a drunken blur and swore that I would never drink again.

However after retiring to bed at 6pm Friday (!) I felt suffiently revived and ended up going on a pub crawl on Saturday night with Fintan and a few of his mates. These resolutions never last do they.

Made it back to my place on Sunday evening a happy camper but all was not well. My little swedish flatmate was down in the dumps. His girlfriend had half her nose bitten off by a dog in Boston. He was so sad looking. She is getting plastic surgery and I think that he will be leaving these shores very soon to offer words of comfort at her bedside. I think that I might cook him dinner tonight to keep his spirits up.

Andy was a bit depressed also. He had a date with a german girl who he fancies (she is 30 !! - I guess I have turned him on to older women). It was going very well he says until she found out her uncle died. I think that she is flying out for the funeral today.
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{Wednesday, April 24}

Day is beautiful again. Everything looks so much better in sunlight. The day is going quickly and have not done any work yet. How could life get any better.

Well I did buy a lottery ticket.
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{Tuesday, April 23}

The day has gone so well today.

It has transformed into a lovely hot (!) and sunny afternoon. My supervisor has gone home so have been skiving (even more than usual). Went and rang my best friend at lunch which was fab. Put a great Cd on the work computer so I can groove away whilst surfing.

Had a bit of a sit in the sun, watching the people go by. I wasn't even wearing a jumper.

Just wrote a little letter back home and might pop off to the post office before the work day is over.
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Yey another day closer to the weekend!

Am about to start doing some work, promise! I am feeling particularly happy today. It is a dull grey day that looks like it is going to rain any minute. But it is quite warm, people are saying it might get as high as 17 degrees today. It's 24 in Spain. I can't wait til summer.

Am going to transfer some more money into my British account today too! Am really starting to feel as though I am getting somewhere. And posting some photo's back home to the folks to put into the box for me to sort through when I get back. There must be so many now.

Feel quite organised just thinking about doing these things.
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{Monday, April 22}

Today is really dragging. I have spent much on the day on dodgy interactive hororscopes. My work pile is growing larger by the day but can't drag myself away from slackness at this stage.

The weekend was so good that I just don't feel like work - a common feeling I'm sure - one that I seem to experience with alarming regularity.
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Wow it has been a week since I posted.

What have I done since then. Not a lot. Went to the Modern Art Gallery in Dublin with Fintan on the weekend which was fun. Had a couple of good installations but really not a lot there. A pretty small collection. Also went to a few pubs which was fun. Didn't go to Galway just hung out in Dublin.

It is ANZAC day this week so might have to pop off to the Down Under Bar to have a VB. Have to get out of town for the long weekend I have decided, but don't think that I can drag myself out of town til then.
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{Monday, April 15}

Had a great weekend.

Andy gave me €200 to put towards my overdraft which was good. Also we are back on speaking terms again which makes life a little easier. Am going to try and drag him off to ring his mum I think tonight.

Had a good time with Fintan on the weekend. It is so odd going out with a man and not a boy. Also he is the only person I have ever gone out with who has a "proper" job and has not just been a bit of a layabout. Didn't end up going anywhere starting with W though. Just hung around his place and went to the local for a pint. Think that we are going out again Tuesday night with some of his friends which should be interesting. And going to Galway on the weekend.

He has somehow managed to get quite a few of my secrets out of me!
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{Friday, April 12}

Well it is finally Friday. This week just seemed to drag and drag.

I finally managed to transfer money into my account yesterday which makes me a happy little bunny. With any luck might even get money from the ex tonight to go towards it (unlikely however). Can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have another date with Fintan on Saturday which I am looking forward to. I think he is taking me to Wexford or Wickford or some such place. Don't know why, I don't think they are big towns and I believe I've already been (or at least to a number of places starting with W). Oh well I'm sure it will be interesting anyhow.
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{Thursday, April 11}

Today has been so very very boring.

I spent most of the day staring into space. My eyes are starting to glaze over. The worst thing about being bored is that you start thinking about things that you normally wouldn't waste the time of day on. Body parts become more interesting. Friends start complaining about the amount of forwards they are getting.

This isn't helping, I just can't snap myself out of it.
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